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The Willow 2 is my completely new 2.75m f3f model, fully CAD and CNC cut Aluminium molds has produced a model I'm incredibly proud of.

The Willow 2 has drag reduction and performance built into, from a slimmer fuselage to the totally concealed wing horns.   The Willow 2 goes just where you want it to- very quickly.   The Willow 2’s strength is reflected in the larger wing joiner, capable of holding over 600g of additional   lead for those big wind days!

The Willow 2 is a competitive thoroughbred which loves to race and beat the higher priced opposition.   The simple and effective ballasting system allows for quick ballast changes without taking off the wings for fast slope side adjustments.   A model designed by pilots for pilots.

Span 2.75m

AUW 2.2kg- 4kg


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